Free Stock Market Training Course In Himachal Pradesh

This programme is all about introducing you to the exciting world of the stock market, taking you from the very beginning “What is a stock?” to teaching you about different investing strategies, like Fundamental and Technical analysis, DOW theory, Candlestick Chart Pattern, Future & Option and Elliot Wave theory.


To promote to adopt career in Stock Market

To spread Financial Literacy

To provide a roadmap for Stock Market Training

To equip the participants with neccessary Stock Market Concepts

Course Contents

Introduction to Financial Markets

  • Stocks, Futures, Options, Commodity and Forex

  • Basic Terminology

  • The Market

  • Shares Or Equity Market

  • Face Value

  • Promoters

  • Share Holding Pattern

  • Demat A/C, Saving A/C, Trading A/C

  • IPO, Primary Market & Secondary Market

  • FPO, Rights Issue, Split Shares, Bonus

  • Stock Indices

  • Commodities

Fundamental Analysis

  • Assets & Liability

  • Performance And Internals Of Company

  • Promoter’s Strength

  • Financial Statements

  • Profit and Loss Statements

  • Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement

  • Earnings, Market Share, Book Value

  • EPS, PE Ratio, ROE

  • Dividend, Dividend Yield

  • Investment Vs Trading

Technical Analysis

  • Chart Construction

  • Types Of Charts, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Candlestick

  • Types of Candles

  • Trend Analysis

  • Support And Resistance

  • Reversal Patterns

  • Continuation Pattern

  • Head And Shoulder

  • Double Top And Double Bottom
  • Simple Moving Average

  • Exponential Average

  • Indicators

  • Oscillators

  • Measuring Momenum

  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)

  • Stochastic

  • Moving Average Convergence
     /Divergence (MCAD)

Important Trading Platforms and Their Applications

  • Live Technical Analysis on Real–Time Software

  • Meta Stock Trading Software

  • Spider


  • Investar India

  • Icharts

  • Amibroker, Amibroker India

  • Back Testing and Techniques for Determining Overall



  • Attitude

  • Positive Approach

  • Mindset

  • Creativity

  • Ego And Pride

  • Specialized Knowledge

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Goal Setting/Plan Setting
  • Belief System

  • Financial Literacy

  • Money Management

  • Yoga And Meditation

  • Trading Psychology

  • Market Sentiments

  • Trading Behaviour Emotion Vs Logic

  • Discipline

Derivative Market

Future and Options

  • Risk Management

  • Position sizing for profitable

    and risk-free trading

  • Stop loss techniques for capital

    protection and trailing stop

    loss for profit protection

  • Lot Size, Margin, MTM

  • Pledging of Shares


  • Hedging

  • Market Lots

  • Option Type, Option Value, Strike Price, Option Expiry


  • Option Greeks

  • Option Strategies

  • Bull Put Spread, Bull Call Spread, Bull Calendar Spread

  • Short Strangle, Short Straddle, Iron Butterfly

For Whom

  • Beginners in Stock Market. 

  • Students of B.Com, BBA,MBA, M.Com.,CA and CS etc.who want to gain

  • knowledge about Stock Market Working.

  • Housewife,Retired Persons,Businessman and Employees and want to increase their Earnings


Training Sessions will be given through Videos/Interactive online Sessions. The complete course schedule will beprovided after registration.